Time Limits for Filing a Civil Suit After a Car Accident

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Motor Vehicle Accidents

statute of limitations in Connecticut, Hartford car accident lawyerAfter a serious car accident, life as you know it can easily be turned upside down. You may have to deal with phone calls from insurance companies. Your car may either be in the repair shop or totaled, leaving you without a means of transportation. You or someone else in your vehicle may have been injured.

In the midst of this confusion and uncertainty, the last thing that may come to mind is filing a lawsuit against the driver at fault for the collision. However, if you do not act quickly, you may find yourself unable to seek compensation for your injuries.

Connecticut Statute of Limitations for Car Collisions 

Each state has a statute of limitations dedicated for car accidents that explains how long an injured victim (plaintiff) has to bring a civil suit against the negligent driver (or defendant). If a civil suit is not filed and commenced before the statute of limitations has expired, then the plaintiff is prohibited from ever bringing a lawsuit against that defendant in regards to that particular collision and injuries.

In Connecticut, civil suits for compensation after a car collision must generally be brought within two years after the accident. In some cases of an injury that is not readily apparent, the length of time may be extended to up to three years.

For instance, suppose that Gary is involved in a car collision after Tim runs a red light and collides with Gary’s car. Gary is swamped with insurance calls and medical appointments. Three and one-half years later, after life has returned to some semblance of normalcy, Gary walks into a lawyer’s office and expresses his desire to sue Tim and recover compensation for his injuries. Unfortunately, because of Connecticut’s statute of limitations, Gary is unable to sue Tim because of the time that has passed.

Injured in an Accident? Contact a Lawyer Immediately 

The statute of limitations is a “make it or break it” principle when it comes to personal injury suits. If the statute of limitations has elapsed, then you may be prohibited from suing the negligent party. Once you have been injured, the clock starts ticking. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, call the Hartford, Connecticut personal injury attorneys from Woolf Law Firm, LLC at 860-290-8690 for a free consultation.

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