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Client Review: Grateful for his [Attorney Woolf’s] help in such a difficult process, he was always very clear in his knowledge regarding the case. For almost three years he was in constant communication with the family and thanks to his honest service this difficult chapter in our lives closes with the best possible decisions.

Virgen Saez December 5th, 2022

Client Review: Dear Brian, I thank you and your firm Very Much for your Diligent, Objective, Comprehensive, & Professional Handling of my case. I’m very pleased with how you took on my issue(s), Represented me in Court and the outcome. I would Strongly recommend Attorney Woolf. Thank you again.

Al. M. G May 13,2019

Client Review: If you have ever been falsely accused of a crime by a family member with an axe to grind, you know how stressful it can be. Brian was incredible and got right to the bottom of it. Right away he dealt with the investigators on my behalf. Brian made me feel at ease even though I was a giant stress case because I felt like I had no control of the situation. Brian took control of the situation and eventually had me cleared without charges ever getting filed. Attorney Brian J Woolf is a godsend!

N.S. May 5, 2019

Client Review: Hi, Mr.Woolf. From day one I believed that we had the best attorney on my brothers case. Not for a moment was there ever any doubt in my mind that you will lose the case. Now since you have won the case for him, you proved again that you are the best in your field! Many a times he was hopeless and depressed because of complicity of the case and he was thinking about a negative outcome of the case and its impact on his life.Though I had full faith in your abilities I knew his case was very complex and difficult. The police detective and the investigator teamed up and built a very strong and concrete case against him. At the end they all failed and you prevailed. My special thanks to you and your team members .

R.K. May 1, 2019

Client Review: I employed Brian Woolf because I no longer wanted to have obstacles in my way moving forward in life. I felt he had my back at all times. He truly is a very caring individual. My goals were his goals. His communication was excellent. His straightforward honesty was beyond reproach. He prepared me for every level to the outcome. This case is now put to rest and I can live with great piece of mind. Thank you, Brian.

S.P. February 7, 2019

Client Review: I was facing a serious obstacle in my life I had turned my life around for the better. I had entered school and had dreams of becoming a nurse. My prior sentence was hindering me from being able to proceed forward with my education. Not only did Attorney Woolf take my case when other Attorney’s even refused to take my phone calls let alone my case. He fully prepared me every step of the way. Attorney Woolf made me feel as if he was fighting as hard as I was. He also never made me feel that all he was concerned with was money. In fact the complete opposite in my opinion it was truly about providing results. I highly recommend Mr. Woolf for anyone seeking a lawyer. I plan to continue Attorney Woolf for my final phase in completing my expungement application. If you are looking for a professional lawyer that is going to exert every option to provide you with the best possible scenario to suit your needs then Attorney Woolf is as far as you need to look. I’m eternally gratefully for the magic he worked for me.

H.F. (7/2 6/2018)

Client Review: I had been convicted of a dui..2nd one in 9 1/2 years. Attorney Brian Woolf was amazing! My charges were reduced to reckless driving I highly recommend Attorney Woolf

M.S. (6/17/2018)

Client Review: After interviewing several attorneys, we decided to hire attorney Brian Woolf and his firm for representing my son. From my initial phone call during which time I spoke directly with Attorney Woolf , I found him to be knowledgeable and empathetic to the situation we were in. Throughout our meetings, my initial impression of him was confirmed. We had many, many questions for him, yet he never once rushed us through any meeting or phone call, as he answered all questions until we understood completely. Both he and his colleague Attorney Cerame were very professional and knowledgeable. Additionally, they both provided my family with realistic possible consequences, yet eased our mind with their empathy and the fruit of their legal experiences. They were never difficult to get a hold of, and were diligent in responding to any and all messages or emails. From the moment we hired them, we knew we were getting great representation. I highly recommend and extend my gratitude to Attorney Brian Woolf . Thank you Sir.

E.W. (6/15/2018)

Client Review: I chose Attorney to Woolf to represent me in a very serious legal matter. Facing felony criminal charges, I was able to retain Atty. Woolf's services early on, which proved fruitful for his wealth of knowledge. Atty. Woolf guided me through the entire process, which was something I was fairly unfamiliar with. He is very knowledgeable in his field and has over 30 years of experience to back up that knowledge. He prepared me the best he could for the situation and gave me the proper advice on how to be proactive in an attempt to better the outcome of my case. He was very informative every step of the way and was always responsive in answering my emails and calls, almost always within the hour, and I had alot of questions to ask.

One thing I appreciated was his candidness and his realistic expectations of the situation. I think this was important to mentally prepare me for the realistic outcomes that I was facing, and sugarcoating the situation would not have done any good, even if it is what one desperately wants to hear at that point in time. By listening to everything he said and taking his advice, I was able to receive a very, very favorable outcome on my case. Atty. Woolf also is very well-networked and has good standing relationships with many of those people who work for the court, such as state judges, prosecutors, and probation officers. I believe having this network is a major advantage when dealing with the system and that with the combination of his relationships, advice, and preparation, I was able to avoid a jail sentence. Ultimately, it was Atty. Woolf that kept me from being incarcerated, for even if I took the proactive measures on my own, it would not have been enough. You definitely get what you pay for here in terms of experience, knowledge, and professionalism. He knew how to play the case well, and it worked, producing an outcome that was truly a blessing. Atty. Woolf won’t steer you in the wrong direction and will definitely help you obtain the best outcome possible in concern to your legal matter!

C.M. (6/13/2018)

Client Review: My experience having Brian Woolf represent me as my attorney he is not like many other attorneys he is one of a kind he assures his clients that he will give them his very best and fight for them which he showed me while representing me he also shows that he genuinely cares for his clients after hearing their story and getting to know them. so coming from me J.M. I would like to say that Brian Woolf is an attorney that i would recommend for anyone who is in a situation and is looking for a lawyer to represent them because he gave me his best and in the end i was happy with what hes done for me and he will do the same for anyone else he represents.

J.M. (5/31/2018)

Client Review: My entire family has the deepest admiration and gratitude to Attorney Woolf, and his colleagues, Attorney Cerame and paralegal Michelle. The Woolf Law Firm defended my brother in connection with very serious charges, and we were very pleased with the disposition of my brother’s case. The entire firm handled my brother’s matter with impeccable professionalism, including setting realistic expectations and providing comprehensive explanations at every step of the process.

Our family had never faced the courts or criminal justice system before, and we found great comfort with the understanding, calming empathy and consistently prompt responses that Attorneys Woolf and Cerame brought to our case. Most importantly, Attorneys Woolf and Cerame knew exactly how to “humanize” my brother with the prosecutor, the court and the Parole Board. We very quickly realized the benefit and importance of presenting my brother as the truly good person he is – someone who made a single mistake rather than a lifetime of mistakes. The justice system is incredibly busy, and it is easy for the courts and DOC to see each person as simply “the next case”. Attorneys Woolf and Cerame possess the strategy, experience and skill to distinguish their clients in a positive way from the many cases that come before the court daily.

Our family highly recommends the Woolf Law Firm. Not only do they possess a deep understanding of the law, but they maintain vital professional relationships as well-respected counsel among leaders within the justice system. The firm’s excellent reputation among colleagues, courts and the Department of Corrections is an advantage built over many years of practice and experience. We are very happy with our choice to retain the Woolf Law Firm.

DG (1/22/2018)

Client Review: Dear Attorney Woolf, I want to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. From our first phone call when I was hysterical, you gave me words of encouragement and told me it was going to be okay. You were honest with me and told me to trust you and your team. I knew then I wanted you to represent me. The conversation we had on our first phone call set you apart from all the other attorneys I had been speaking with, you gave me hope, but also told me what I needed to hear "pull myself together."

With every phone call and e-mail (which I know were many) you educated me on the process and I was never left with a question unanswered. Your quick responses and patience during the most devastating situation of my life was more than appreciated. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all the extra time you gave me to make me feel better.

I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Like you said to me "this is a bump in the road we will get through." And I was able to get through it thanks to your representation. I want to also give a huge thank you to Michelle as well. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. Always telling me I have the best of the best representing me. It was comforting hearing that.

Another shout out to Mario. Thank you Mario for calming my anxiety. Again, offering words of encouragement during the most devastating time of my life.

Attorney Woolf I can't put into words how thankful I am for you and your team. Thank you for the best possible outcome. And thank you for your patience and encouragement.

MW (9/08/2017)

Client Review: Attorney Woolf, along with his colleague, Attorney Cerame, have performed admirably in defending our daughter against a serious felony conviction of which she was wrongly accused. After a plea of not guilty the Woolf Law Firm crafted a defense which led to a court approved release. Our daughter is now working as a care-giver to an adult with Autism which has been both challenging and most rewarding. The Woolf Law Firm handled our case with the highest professionalism and we would recommend them for any criminal defense.

LC (5/26/2017)

Client Review: I was facing some serious accusations against me, I have never needed an attorney before nor have I ever imagined I would need one. However, I am extremely glad that I chose Mr. Brian Woolf and his firm to represent me and fight against the accusation against me. During the whole time, Mr. Woolf was upfront and honest, if things were looking good or bad he would tell it to me straight. He appeared to be well known in court and knows a lot of other attorneys as well, a well-respected individual in the judicial system. His years of experienced showed when dealing with my matter, deciding what best course of action to take to further prove my innocence in my matter. While my case was dismissed with prejudice in court, I am very certain he would have won my case in court, as he wanted to go all out to prove my innocence.

I highly recommend Attorney Brian Woolf to anyone. His experience, persistence, and familiarity of Connecticut’s judicial system is extremely beneficial to anyone that chooses Mr. Woolf as their attorney. I am extremely glad I chose him and his firm to represent me.

AD (5/10/17)

Client Review: I want to thank everyone at the Woolf firm, especially Attorney Brian Woolf and Paralegal Michelle for all the help and guidance you have given me the past few years. Not only on my grandson's case but my daughter's in 2015 when she lost her family in an accident. I would recommend your firm to everyone. You treated me like family and was and still is so easy to talk to. I don't know what I would have done without you guys. You will stay in my heart forever.

BL (2/24/17)

Client Review: My lawyer exceeded my expectations. He represented me in a criminal case and when conditions of probation needed to be modified he was in the trenches fighting to get a hearing. He and his staff made me feel like I was their only client and answered my many questions timely. My family and I are now free to begin healing and living again because he did his job and represented me vigorously. He always told me how the case was going, even told me when it wasn't going well. He supported me and my family by telling us what we needed to hear, not necessarily what we wanted to hear. I was very prepared for court and the verdict exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him.

Karin (11/29/16)

Client Review: I had a very complex criminal case involving 3 different arrests, and I faced the potential for many (about 6-7) felony charges. Through his care and expertise, Brian and his paralegals Michelle and Chrissy helped me to reduce those charges to misdemeanors and minimized the consequences the State of CT imposed on me. His personal attention to my case and no-nonsense approach was welcomed, and he was very conscientious about returning all requests for communication on my part. Definitely worth the money.

KG (9/19/16)

Client Review: We are so appreciative for the expedient and sensitive way that the Woolf Law Firm handled our son's case. We couldn’t have asked for more professional work on his case. Brian and his staff were all incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I hope others do not get into the situation like he did, but if they do we would highly recommend the Woolf Law Firm to them.

SK (8/23/16)

Client Review: I found Attorney Brian Woolf to be extremely professional and helpful in getting the help I recently needed. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with a criminal defense case. So appreciated the help, time and support he gave me. Thank you very much, Attorney Woolf.

SD (5/5/16)

Client Review: Attorney Brian Woolf helped me through a rough part of my life. He was straight forward with me and always on top of my case. He was incredibly responsive, never keeping me waiting, and always answered my questions. Attorney Woolf and his staff were professional, courteous, and effective. All of this is great but what mattered most is that Attorney Woolf was able to get my desired outcome for my case. I appreciate the helpfulness, patience, and experience exhibited by Attorney Woolf and his staff and would recommend him to anyone in my position.

TP (4/6/16)

Client Review: Brian was extremely responsive and professional from the very start of the case. He explained in great detail all of the factors and nuances in the case. Brian is not only very intelligent but well versed in all the details of the relevant laws or statutes pertaining to the case. His social IQ and ability to read people and how to manage a specific dialogue at possibly a sensitive time, is outstanding. A clear strength and differentiator in Brian's counsel. He possess strong listening skills and can recall relevant details when presenting the case. His closing arguments in the case were succinct, poignant and clearly resonated with the Judge. We are extremely thankful and blessed to have had Brian and his team as our legal counsel.

TCD (3/24/16)

Client Review: To Attorney Brian Woolf, I am writing this to simply say thank you. While I'm disappointed at the outcome, I feel I couldn't have found somebody who fought like you did and understood my situation. I know that you're an advocate and I want you to know it matters greatly to those of us on the inside who are trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I ask that you keep up the fight. As for me, I will do my part in being a part of the solution rather than the problem. Your words and advocacy have inspired me. Again, thank you.

JR (3/10/16)

Client Review: Dear Atty Woolf. I would like to say thank you for your great help, expertise, legal work, and clever advice in representing me in my legal battles. Without you and your team, the outcome would be very devastating to me. You where always with me, just looking at you gave me hope that we will pass this difficult time, and my case will handled well, and no harm will happen to me. I know that you are one of the top lawyers in Connecticut. But you will be always number one in my heart. Thank you again.

JM (3/1/16)

Client Review: Honestly when I first got this case I did not believe that I would be a free woman today. Attorney Brian Woolf did everything in his power to make sure that I was ok and that my charges were dropped for me defending myself. If you would have asked me where I thought I would have been today I would have told you to prison but because I met attorney Woolf and he asked me trust him I am a free woman and I am allowed to go to work everyday. I never thought that anyone would fight for my freedom as much as he did and even when I doubted him he still came through for me. He was not only reasonable but also very understanding and I have appreciated everything he has done for me. He never lied to me and he has always kept his promises and when he took me out of prison I thought that it was very impossible to do so but he made everything possible for me. I'm not perfect but he saw past that and he made me a promise to keep me out of jail And that I would be ok and that he did. If any of my family or friends ever need an attorney I would definitely recommend him he will do everything in his power to fight for you and make sure that you stay home with your loved ones. I will forever be thankful there has never been a time in court for me like the day the judge congratulated me on a successful completion of electronic monitoring. I just wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone to let you know that Attorney Woolf is the best at what he does i am truly thankful.

CH (2/10/16)

Client Review: My wife and I have been meaning to write this for the past several weeks and felt it very important that we do so. We can't explain the sinking feeling when we first received word that our son, a Honor student with a magnetic personality and Big heart who had never been in trouble, was arrested and charged with several felony's. A parent is usually prepared for just about anything their kids can throw them but not this. As fate would have it we were led to Brian Woolf. It truly was a blessing to have met this outstanding individual. The personal attention he gave us from the very first phone call, his warm character and knowledge of the law, every step of the legal process carried out with the utmost professionalism. Brian is a positive force who will be remembered by our whole family for a long time to come. Always giving us the whole picture and what the possible outcome may be. Never sugar coating any detail. Honesty is hard to find these days. I would highly recommend The Woolf Law Firm for a strong legal defense. The staffs are thorough and always available. Thanks to expert preparation and thorough research, the outcome of our a sons trial was the best it could be and we have since been reunited with our son and heading in a positive direction.

JD & SD (2/5/16)

Client Review: I can't explain the sinking feeling when I first received word that our son, a Honor student with a magnetic personality and Big heart who had never been in trouble, was arrested and charged with several felony's. A parent is usually prepared for just about anything their kids can throw them but not this. As fate would have it we were led to Brian Woolf. Truly a blessing to have met this outstanding individual. The personal attention he gave us from the very first phone call, his warm character and knowledge of the law, every step of the legal process carried out with the utmost professionalism. Brian is a positive force who will be remembered by our whole family for a long time to come. Always giving us the whole picture and what the possible outcome may be. Never sugar coating any detail. Honesty is hard to find these days. I would highly recommend The Woolf Law Firm for a strong legal defense. The staff are thorough and always available. Thanks to expert preparation and thorough research, the outcome of our a sons trial was the best it could be and we have since been reunited with our son and heading in a positive direction.

JD (2/3/16)

Client Review: It is a pleasure for me to write a testimonial on behalf of your firm. As a CEO and businessman, I am very careful when selecting attorneys at work, but this was uncharted territory for me and my family. Our nephew had been incarcerated years ago for a very egregious crime. While he was very young and never participated in any violent act, he was still culpable under the law. He had accepted his punishment, but we felt he was not well represented during his trial. In addition, the State of Connecticut had imposed extremely long mandatory sentences and the prospects for a sentence reduction were not good. I would like to commend you and your talented colleagues for telling us the truth about the chances of a sentence reduction and for not giving us false hopes from the start. I would also like to compliment you on what I feel was a very fair and reasonable fee for services and for keeping out of pocket expenses as low as possible. We could tell that you and your staff immersed yourselves into the entire case history and truly cared about this misguided young man who's whole young adult life was going to be wasted in a correctional facility. Our family believes that there is a point at which incarceration does more harm than good and that there is no value that one can place on even a single day of freedom. The outcome was better than we expected and we credit much of the good results to your hard work and your guidance. Your job is a difficult one. Not all cases are created equal, but each deserves a skilled firm like yours to get the job done. Because I am the CEO of a publicly traded company, I respectfully request that my name be withheld from the testimonial, but I give you my permission to post it otherwise. Thank you again, and thank you for sending us the reimbursement of unused expenses.

SE (12/12/15)

Client Review: Right from the start Attorney Woolf was very thorough and professional in reviewing my case. I had a very multilayered case and he took the time to listen, review documents, and believed in me and my case without judgement. When I consulted him I asked for an attorney with the "balls" to fight, and fight he did holding nothing back. I would recommend him to anyone in need.

MK (10/26/15)

Client Review: Man to man, I thank you for your efforts and wisdom that leant to my time being reduced. Your candid nature and support, though paid for, has impressed me. You’ve gone beyond what simply money can achieve and I thank you. Not only did you accomplish what we hoped for, you helped me see my mother again. Though this letter may be late, it’s no less heart felt. I would gladly and confidently recommend you and your team. Your realism and success speak for themselves, but nothing prepares one for the rarity of how emotionally involved you became. A true professional with a heart, a pit-bull whom takes pride in his success. Take care of yourself, and share my gratitude with everyone that had any part in this process. From those integral to those that filed the simplest of forms. I appreciate all of you.

MM (10/2/15)

Client Review: Dear Mr. Woolf - I cannot thank you enough and no words can describe how thankful me and my family are for your hard work and dedication. My family is complete now because of you. We appreciate everything you have done, every time you returned my calls and the long hours you have spent working on our case. We can start our life and have a second chance to make it better and that is all thanks to you. You are a part of our family now. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

AT (9/1/15)

Client Review: I was facing some serious felony charges that was unexpected and was a serious shock to me. After talking with immediate family they recommended I find a lawyer for the investigation process and possible arrest. After much research I found Attorney Woolf, I thought he would be the right person to represent me, and help me through my ordeal based on his credentials alone. The charges I was faced with was very serious in nature and would have ruined my life and my career I worked hard for. I called Attorney Woolf’s office and left him a message. As it was around the holidays, he was out of state but called me back the same day on his vacation explaining he was out of town but would meet with me ASAP. A few days later I met with him and explained my situation, he didn’t sugar coat anything and gave me the worst case scenario on what could happen to me. He was very sympathetic about my case, insured me he had handled cases like this before and he would do everything he could. Through the investigation process any update I received I would send him an email, he would always reply within a few hours. Any information he received he would let me know right away, and what would happened because of it. My situation never made it to court but if it did I would want him by my side. With his help I understood the process behind what I was going through, and how it could turn out either way. I never have been in that situation before and wasn’t for sure what I could do on my own, or what I should do. He helped with a great deal with that. I’m very glad I choose him to represent me, as he’s a standup guy, and knows a lot of people in the court system in CT.

AD (5/13/15)

Client Review: What I've learned from experience is that when you are in the market for an attorney, you want someone who will treat you with respect. You want someone who will argue the law with integrity. You want someone who isn't afraid or unable to articulate the facts, and someone who will present you in the best light. With attorney Woolf you get all that and then some. He is a man you can truly trust with your life. I will never use another attorney, nor recommend anyone else for anyone in need of legal representation. He is hands down the best.

TP (3/23/15)

Client Review: I am in awe of the knowledge and professionalism that Brian Woolf exhibited in handling the court case for my daughter. From the very minute that Brian took the case I felt completely confident that he would succeed at the task. Brian returned all of my phone calls and e-mails in a very timely manner and he always provided a comprehensive response. We felt that Brian took a personal interest in every aspect of my daughter's case and provided outstanding legal counsel. Brian truly cares about his clients and I highly recommend his services.

JR (3/6/15)

Client Review: While working for a painting company for 25 years, I got injured in the job I went to seek medical treatment. The company I worked for and the insurance company vigorously challenges my pain and condition they denied me. That's when I hired The Woolf Law Firm. They got my records and got the lumbar surgery I needed approved. I felt secure and protected. After 1 year I needed a second painful surgery. The team worked hard and diligently to develop a strong medical case. They went above and beyond to pursue for compensation on my behalf. I got my settlement with outstanding success. Brian is a committed attorney I would highly recommend their services to any one.

Sal (3/6/15)

Client Review: I recommend Brian Woolf. Attorney Woolf handled my case with care, and provided me with the legal help I needed. I can honestly say without him I would not have my family, and I would most likely be in jail.

JD (2/17/15)

Client Review: You know I can never forget the "Dream Team." Well this is just a card wishing you and your family a healthy and delightful holiday. Once again, I thank you for all the support and the hard for you guys put into my case. Take care and God bless.

DD (12/17/14)

Client Review: We can't thank you enough for your care and competence in handling the harsh allegations made against our son. These charges were truly one of the most devastating experiences of our lives and we felt secure in trusting you with our son's future. You did not disappoint us in any way. We so appreciate the early resolution you were able to accomplish and we feel sure that you did better than any other lawyers we could have hired to handle this case. We feel you prepared us for all eventualities and did everything to bring about this excellent result. We thank you so much!

RK (9/15/14)

Client Review:Dear Attorney Woolf, I am sending this note to personally thank you and attorney Rallo for the outstanding job you did on my criminal case. I am very impressed by the strategy you meticulously developed, which you did so by carefully studying the facts of my case. During all of the different phases of my case, you always asked the right questions, and you carefully listened and studied the responses. You were careful in assembling the facts of my case, and were very skilled in including only the critical and relevant ones. I was very impressed by your performance in court, and how you were always prepared. Your demeanor was that of a confident, intelligent, and professional attorney. You were careful in assessing the risks of different strategies, and your assessment was perfect as evidenced by the judge's decision to grant your motion to suppress the evidence, which I know is a very difficult motion to be granted and ultimately Dismissed my case. Throughout this 2-year ordeal, you and your staff were always there for me. You always promptly returned my phone and e-mail inquiries and messages. You really went beyond the call of duty by also being concerned about my personal well being, and for that I am very grateful. In closing, once again many thanks for the superb legal services you and your staff have provided to me, and should I encounter anyone in need of legal services, I will certainly highly recommend you. I wish you good health and continued success.

JWM (9/10/14)

Client Review:My experience with Woolf Law Firm, LLC was one of consistent professionalism and courtesy on their part. They are highly competent attorneys who employed a complete and extensive knowledge of the procedures, laws and consequences that were associated with my case. Court appearances and defense positions were well planned and I had full confidence in their client representation. They were always available for consultation and took the extra effort to support me in some of the critical aspects of my case. I highly recommend their services and expect that when one has an initial meeting with them, that individual will acknowledge a great sense of comfort in having this firm represent their case.


Client Review:Brian and his team are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I can't say enough good things about Attorney Woolf. Right from the start I knew I had found the right attorney to handle my case and I did not hesitate to hire him. He and his team made sure that I was judged fairly in court and that all the facts were presented. Things did not look great for me and my family for some time during the legal process, but Brian assured me that he would make sure things were handled properly. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case, one could not put a price tag on the service I received. If you require legal representation do yourself a favor and hire this man.

D. H.

Client Review:Well first off if it wasn't for Attorney Woolf I wouldn't have been able to come home to my family. The first day I met Attorney Woolf he seemed compassionate about his work. He told me he'd get me home and he kept his word. This entire case put my family and I through a lot of emotional stress but Attorney Woolf kept the situation under control and helped us get through it. Attorney Woolf was very responsive always answered my calls or responded to emails with no problem .I even had a discovery for my case within the first few weeks of my pretrial incarceration. I met people who waited months almost a year. I'm very grateful and thankful for what he and Attorney Rallo did for my family. There was never a moment where I had any doubt about Woolf services. Him and his team, particularly Attorney Rallo did a wonderful job representing me.


Client Review: I will begin by saying thank you God in who I trust for allowing Attorney Brian Woolf into my life. This tragic situation that entered our lives has been tough! Nonetheless, Attorney Woolf has been tremendously great in more ways than one. Thank you for all you have done for us with this case. When I met you I felt that I was in good hands you and your team are absolutely the best! Thank you, thank you for saving my son's life. I will show you and your team how much I appreciate what you guys did for my family!!!


Client Review: He is very intelligent and thinks through the entire case. He listens to you and asks worthwhile questions. He always thinks the very best of his client. His experience shows clearly in the way he tackles your case. His expertise saved me in a difficult criminal case. His office staff is very helpful as well.


Client Review: Mr. Woolf is not only a great lawyer, but also a great person and an expert in his field of work. When I was going through my ordeal, Mr. Woolf was knowledgeable, punctual, compassionate, and simply put, always seemed like he had everything under control. This helped me deal with my worrying and anxiety throughout the whole process. Whenever I needed to talk to him, he was just a phone call away. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Woolf because he helped me get through a terrible time in my life. I would recommend Attorney Woolf to anyone that wants a lawyer that actually cares about their future and is willing to go the extra mile.


Client Review: There are many good law firms. There are a few great law firms and then there is the best. The Woolf Law Firm, LLC is the best. If anyone is going to produce the best passable outcome it is this firm. Brian Woolf is the type of attorney that will respond to your e-mail on a Sunday afternoon. That is the mark of a persons who cares and it is precisely what you need when faced with charges of any degree. I highly recommend this firm.


Client Review: Katie: Thanks for doing such a great job. So please accept these compliments for handling things so well, your dependability and skill means more than words can tell. My sincere thanks go to you and your firm for your excellent, skilled, professional, and vigorous representation of me before the New Britain Superior Court, Wednesday, November 28, 2012. The case was nolled; it made a very critical difference in my future. It kept my CDL clear of the bogus charges and the insurance company out of the loop. I could not be happier with the results. I also sincerely, sincerely appreciate the special accommodation the firm made for me on the fee; I fully realize you did not have to do that. Also, the exactitude and honesty with regard to the potential result was refreshing. Know that I will recommend you and your firm to my friends and colleagues who may need your services. I could not have been in better hands.


Client Review:As a previous client of attorney Woolf, I found him to be compassionate with his clients, passionate about the legal system, and by far the most knowledgeable attorney I have ever met. He went above and beyond just legal representation and often helped calm the emotional stress that accompanies a difficult legal matter. Attorney Woolf and his team were always available to answer questions and explain each step of the process. I highly recommend Attorney Woolf. In my opinion, as a previous client, you will not find a more qualified and compassionate attorney to represent you when you need it the most.


Client Review: Attorney Woolf saved me and allowed me to continue with my life as it exists today. He was very patient with me and my frequent phone calls and was prompt to get back to me with the answers I needed, via a returned phone call or by email. Professional, caring, understanding and compassionate to my difficult situation. Hopefully I will never need the services of a lawyer again, but if I do I will know who to call hands down. Very knowledgeable of the system and at no time did I ever feel uncomfortable with choosing him to represent me. I thank him and the staff that work with him as they too were very helpful to me during my difficult time.


Client Review:Mr. Woolf represented me about 2 years ago and did an excellent job. He always kept me informed of the proceedings and worked diligently to expedite my case. Attorney Woolf had my best interests in mind throughout my yearlong case. Throughout my ordeal, Mr. Woolf was easy to deal with and would even lighten up the most trying situation with a well-timed joke. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal guidance.


Client Review: I employed the services of Attorney Woolf. I was very pleased with his direct communication, explanation of the legal issues, his knowledge base relating to the various issues that were related, and his responsiveness to any communication and questions that I posed. Both he and his staff are extremely detail oriented and supportive with efficient legal services and client representation.


Client Review:I am so lucky to have Brian as my Attorney. I randomly found his ad and called for help. He took my call early in the morning ~6:30 and calmed me. Later he met with my family and me to reassure us. We trusted him. He ended up representing me because we felt that he was competent in our matters. Also, he is very respected in the legal system so those connections are important. He answered all of my phone calls and emails so he is well connected. Brian not only considers matters at hand but he tries to synthesize all factors to comprehend bigger picture and implications. He has an in-house team that helps support him and they are so helpful and accessible. He is fair and open with business matters. He is truly fighting for you. I would only go back to Brian or recommend him.


Client Review: Brian was recommended to me by a family friend whom happens to be a top state lawyer. He has helped me on several matters all of which have been post-conviction as I did not have a great lawyer when my case was first seen. He is always fair and shoots from his hip on advice. He never has lead my down the wrong road and has guided me through some tough times. He is well connected in many courts as well as respected and known in the political circles of Connecticut's State Capital. I highly recommend him and certainly feel you get your monies worth with him.


Client Review: There are times in life when people exercise bad judgment. When I was in my 20s, I did just that and found myself charged with a serious legal offense which has impacted my life for the last 9 ½ years. Recently, I was charged with violating the terms of my probation and engaged Attorney Brian Woolf as my lawyer. When I met with Attorney Woolf for a consultation, I knew that he was the right Attorney for me. He took the time to listen to my case and was very straightforward and honest with me, something I had not experienced with any of the other Attorneys who have represented me in the past. I felt that Attorney Woolf not only had the impressive credentials needed to defend me, he was also someone who treated me with respect, made me feel comfortable and connected with me as a human being. My instincts turned out to be right. We went to court on the scheduled date and to my complete surprise, Attorney Woolf was able to resolve the situation that day. He not only resolved the charges at hand, but was also successful in having my probation terminated. After 9 ½ years, I am able to put this situation behind me and move on with my life. I cannot thank Attorney Woolf enough for representing me so effectively.


Client Review:I really want to thank you for taking my case and taking care of it very nicely. This past month and a half has been very stressful for both me and my wife. We were very disturbed and emotionally hurt as it had been the first time ever in my life that I came across such an ugly situation where I got arrested, and that too for not doing anything. But I found myself quite lucky when I met you. I remember I was crying when I came in your office, but the way you respected my feelings and assured me that everything would be fine was extremely relieving. I must say you are not only a very competent lawyer but also a great human being. I also want to admire your assistant 'Attorney Rallo' who presented my case in the court so nicely that it did not take the judge more than a second to "dismiss" it altogether. It's very satisfying to have excellent people like you and your team working in our society. I am sure you will keep up the good work. Thank you once again.


Client Review:I was arrested on a misdemeanor charge involving my girlfriend. I used poor judgment and decision-making at the time of my arrest, and I was extremely remorseful, embarrassed and humbled by the arrest and how it impacted my family and my job. The best decision I made was hiring Brian Woolf and his Attorneys. Brian and Katie Rallo worked the case aggressively and expeditiously, and got my charge dismissed in 2 months! Brian and Katie truly saved my life as I know to live it, and saved me a lot of time and frustration. I am truly indebted to Brian, Katie, and their entire office, and there is only one law firm that I would hire if I was ever in need: Woolf Law Firm, LLC.


Client Review: I was charged with a felony that carried a mandatory minimum sentence that did not allow mitigating circumstances. Every attorney I spoke with stated that there was no way around jail time and the rest of my life was going to be severely affected. Attorney Woolf even echoed these statements... but he followed them with stating that he won't lie down and accept that. Attorney Woolf was extremely sensitive and understanding when it came to dealing with my family and financial situations. He helped ease stressful situations for me and was very patient with all my questions and concerns, reminding me that I hired him to worry so I didn't have to. While he continued to surprise me, what impressed me the most was how respected he was in the court house. Other lawyers would approach him seeking help and advice and you could tell the prosecutor and judge also held Attorney Woolf in very high regard. I believe his past track record had a very positive influence in the outcome of my case. I am very excited and happy to say that I will not be facing any jail time and any record of this matter will eventually be completely erased. I am able to type this from home thanks to my decision to hire Attorney Woolf to represent me. Even after this huge victory he remained humble refusing to take full credit for the outcome, saying the right pieces fell into place. Those pieces only existed because of him. Attorney Woolf, you will never know how grateful I truly am for everything you've done for me, Thank you again.


Client Review: I hired the services of Brian Woolf to help in a serious criminal matter that would not only require an incredible lawyer, but someone with a much more diversified background. From his extensive history working in the political fields before entering criminal law, and the relationships established during that time, have helped to make Attorney Woolf one of the most influential lawyers around. I cannot thank him enough for his professional but down to earth demeanor that makes you feel that everything will always work out. From day one it seemed as though somehow all the right pieces would fall into place. The decision to hire Attorney Woolf and his staff has proven second to none. Brian saved my life.


Client Review: I completely agree with these testimonials based on my experience with The Woolf Law Firm, LLC. Thanks to [my attorneys], my case involving a misdemeanor charge was dismissed. It was a pleasure working with Danielle Quental and Carolina Suarez. They were on top of everything and I sincerely appreciate their help. I needed a criminal lawyer who knew the system inside and out. I encourage people to meet with as many lawyers as you like before making a final decision about who will represent you. I’m confident Attorney Woolf and Attorney Rallo will be the obvious choice.


Client Review: The attorneys and staff at the Woolf Law Firm helped me navigate through the most difficult period of my life. In addition to solid legal advice and very professional representation, they were always there for me with a kind word, a warm smile, and at times a shoulder to cry on. Attorney Woolf is a wealth of knowledge, and an overall great guy on top of it. He guided me through a very tough time, always keeping my best interests in mind and was somehow able to achieve the most positive outcome possible. Attorney Rallo was always available with a kind word, without judgment, no matter my questions or concerns. She embodies the term "counsel" with sound legal advice mixed with a lot of hand holding that I really needed. Throughout my time with the Woolf Law Firm I never felt like I was one of many clients, in the contrary they always made me feel like I was their only and most important client. I found their fees to be very reasonable and they were completely professional from beginning to end. In the end, as I look back, I know that they saved my life and I couldn't possibly give them a higher recommendation.


Client Review: Dear Attorney Woolf, I would to like thank you and your wonderful staff for representing me and giving me the outcome I wanted. Paralegal Michelle was an outstanding person when I called and had any questions she was always there to help me. Attorney Katie Rallo was an outstanding attorney and helpful to my mom and I. She explained everything in detail that was going to happen and when I had questions she was their to answer all of our concerns. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. They treat you with the most respect and they give their time to you. They also try to work with you when you have financial problems and they are totally fair.


Client Review: The Woolf Law Firm are, plain and simple, the top professionals in their field. Their communication turnaround speed is unmatched, their research and technical skills top-notch. When you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a criminal charge you want strong, confident and capable representation. Despite my case being in one of the most contentious and least professional court jurisdictions in the state of CT, the Woolf Law Firm soldiered on through many appearances and we got the program and the dismissal we've been seeking for over a year since the incident demanding the firm's services. Attorney Brian Woolf, personally, is a practical, insightful and deep-thinking advocate. His strategies are sound, his read of the situation, of courts, adversaries and judges superlative. I have personally given my unqualified and wholehearted recommendation to several friends and acquaintances already and it is my pleasure to submit this testimonial with my strongest possible endorsement of Attorney Woolf and the strong professional and support staff of his firm.


Client Review:My 19 year old daughter was facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges in 2 separate court cases (and in 2 very tough courts in CT); and we even had a possible civil suit hanging over our heads. Based upon the high praise that I received from the head of the bail bonds company that I used, I hired Attorney Brian Woolf to represent her. So, as my daughter was hauled away in hand-cuffs one morning, I arranged to post bond, contacted Attorney Woolf, and we were sitting in his office that afternoon. Based on our experience, I have to say that Attorney Brian Woolf and Attorney Katie Rallo are truly a high-functioning, high-performing legal team. Aside from his impressive credentials, professionalism, knowledge and experience, Brian is also very highly-respected and well-connected within the legal system. All of these qualities proved to be very beneficial in both of our cases. I also want to recognize Attorney Katie Rallo. Also very professional and knowledgeable, she has a can-do attitude, with a winning personality, that puts you at ease right from the beginning. She was also very effective in her interactions and negotiations with the prosecutor. We could tell that they would both do everything they could to fight for my daughter. While I was impressed by their professional capabilities and qualities, I also very much appreciated that they made us feel so comfortable during the entire process. They were both very responsive to my questions, even responding to emails in the evenings and on weekends. They also demonstrated compassion for our situation, and we even shared several laughs and a few hugs along the way. I am happy to say that all the felonies and most of the misdemeanors were dropped; and the civil case never came to fruition (as there were no felony charges for them to use.) I am so very thankful to Brian and Katie for their services, support and for going above and beyond to get the best outcome possible and to help expedite certain things to get us through our situation. Now my daughter can focus on going back to college!!


Client Review:I highly recommend the Woolf Law Firm. I got myself into a lot of trouble in 2011, and got burglary and larceny charges. I got a public defender, she did nothing for me. The court gave me a third, and final, offer of 18 months in jail. When they gave me that offer I knew I had to find a lawyer. Brian Woolf was a close friend to my late father in law. My wife's family told me to hire Brian Woolf because "he's the best at what he does" and they were right. Attorney Woolf and Attorney Katie Rallo went above and beyond for me. I have a newborn daughter so the thought of me going to jail for a year and a half killed me. Fortunately, they got me off with absolutely NO jail time. I got probation. Now I get to be there for every milestone in my daughter’s life and for that I will always be so grateful to have had the Woolf Law Firm represent me. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer, I suggest you hire the Woolf Law Firm to represent you and I guarantee you will be satisfied with their representation.


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