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It can be very overwhelming to be arrested for committing a crime. You likely have many questions about the process, about your rights and about the potential for release. At Woolf Law Firm, LLC, we are here to answer your questions and advocate for your interests throughout your criminal case. Contact our criminal defense law firm in East Hartford, Connecticut, for a free consultation with a lawyer.

  • What are my rights involving bail/bond?
  • How much is my bond?
  • How do I post bond?
  • Can I be denied bond?

Prior to or at the time of your arrest, questions regarding your bond/bail release are likely to surface. With over 35 years of legal experience, Attorney Brian J. Woolf can give you the straightforward answers and advice you need.

Under Connecticut state laws, the court is required to set a reasonable bail/bond for individuals charged with a crime. In order to determine reasonable bond, two factors are considered - the amount necessary to guarantee your "reappearance" in court and the individual's potential danger to the community. When an arrest is made by an arrest warrant, the judge signing the warrant may set the bail/bond or defer to law enforcement to set bond. In either case, at your Arraignment (i.e. your first court appearance) the Court may leave the originally set bond in place, lower it or increase it.

There are several options for jail release until trial:


  • Promise to Appear: Individuals are released on their own recognizance to appear when required. If the individual does not appear when required, he or she may face additional criminal charges for Failure to Appear. Penalties for Failure to Appear can range from one to five years depending on the original charge for which the defendant was returned to court (misdemeanor or felony). No Bail Bondsman is involved.
  • Non-Surety Bond: The defendant agrees in writing to pay the amount of bond if he or she fails to reappear in court when required. The court may pursue collateral to collect the amount of bail for Failure to Appear. No Bail Bondsman is involved.
  • Surety Bond: For a nonrefundable fee (i.e. a premium), a bail bondsman posts bail for the defendant's release.
  • Cash Bond Only: The bail must be paid in full by cash (a real estate bond may be used in lieu of cash). If the individual reappears when required, the bail amount will be returned in full upon the conclusion of the case (without fee).
  • Real Estate Bond: Real Estate with sufficient equity can be utilized, with the approval of the Court. The State will place a lien on the real estate until the matter is concluded and disposed of.


There is not a guarantee to bail/bond and no surety bond in federal courts. Therefore, many people facing charges for serious federal crimes may be held without bond until the matter is resolved or released on a bond secured by cash and/or adequate equity in real estate.

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