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hit-and-run, Connecticut personal injury attorneyAny hit-and-run accident can be devastating. When a driver who causes a crash flees the scene, it can be particularly difficult to find them so that they can be held accountable for their actions. Sometimes, however, finding the driver is only part of the story, as there may be other parties who contributed to causing the accident, possibly including officers of the law. In fact, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently took up a case in which an injured victim claims that a municipal police officer failed in his duties, which subsequently allowed a serious hit-and-run accident to occur.

A Complicated Story

As with most cases that reach the Supreme Court, the case in question involves a complex chain of events, beginning with a domestic disturbance call in November 2006. According to court documents, an East Haven police officer responded to the call at an East Haven McDonald’s where a couple was arguing inside a work van. The license plates on the van were registered to a different vehicle, and the officer could not confirm a valid driver’s license for either of the van’s occupants. After settling the couple down, the officer took the driver home and instructed him to leave the van at the McDonald’s.


sidewalk, municipal liability, Connecticut personal injury attorneyFor the second time in less than a year, a claimant has successfully sued a Connecticut municipality for injuries caused by unsafe sidewalk conditions. The most recent decision was handed down by a Superior Court jury, finding that the City of Bridgeport had been negligent in maintaining a safe sidewalk, and awarding the woman more than $416,000 in damages.

Dangerous Negligence

According to reports, the 69-year-old woman and sister had been walking on a public sidewalk in Bridgeport when she tripped over a portion of the walkway that was raised as much as two inches. As a result of her subsequent fall, the woman broke her left arm, requiring substantial surgery to repair, along with a number of other more superficial injuries. Her lawsuit also claimed that she was left with limited strength and mobility, which has greatly impacted her everyday life.

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