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If you have been involved in a car accident—whether or not you were injured—you probably know that there is often a great deal of negotiation regarding which insurance company will be paying and how much. In many cases, there are … Continue reading

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When a person is sexually assaulted, his or her life is often changed forever. While therapy and counseling may help, the emotional trauma of such an experience may never really go away. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult, in many … Continue reading

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Even the most experienced drivers can become distracted, and the consequences are often dangerous, as one Connecticut man was forced to learn painfully. In many cases, however, distractions may be considered negligence under the law, leaving a distracted driver liable … Continue reading

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When you rent from a landlord, it is generally assumed that the property owner will keep common or shared areas safe and in compliance with building and safety codes. In many rental properties, staircases present the most danger, as even … Continue reading

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