Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons Seeks to Implement Reforms

 Posted on December 07,2022 in Criminal Defense

East Hartford Criminal Defense LawyerThe United States has the highest incarceration rates of any country in the world. There are nearly two million people who are held in jails and prisons at any given time, and in many cases, these prisoners are subject to abuse and inhumane treatment. Criminal justice advocates have been calling attention to the conditions in U.S. prisons for years, and they have sought to put reforms in place to protect the rights of prisoners and focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. In a positive sign, the person who was recently appointed as the director of the federal Bureau of Prisons is looking to implement some of these reforms.

Reforming the Bureau of Prisons

Collette Peters was named the director of the Bureau of Prisons in July of 2022. She had previously served as the director of the prison system in Oregon, where she sought to ensure that prisons were "normal and humane" while also reducing the overall prison population. She plans to implement some of these same policies in the federal prison system and focus on the rehabilitation of prisoners so that they can reintegrate into their communities after being released.

Ms. Peters will need to address some significant concerns, including ongoing staffing shortages in federal prisons. A 2021 investigation found that while the Bureau of Prisons had budgeted for around 20,000 correctional officers, it only employed around 13,000 people in these positions. These shortages have been caused by multiple factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the availability of other well-paying jobs in law enforcement and other fields. In many cases, prisons have been forced to use other personnel to guard inmates, such as cooks or nurses, and this has led to ongoing safety issues and increased levels of violence among prisoners. It has also affected prisons' ability to implement the First Step Act and provide prisoners with programs and classes meant to encourage rehabilitation.

As the Bureau of Prisons addresses this ongoing staffing issue, Ms. Peters has stated that new recruiting and hiring practices will be put in place to ensure that correctional officers and other employees will be able to focus on rehabilitation and humane treatment of prisoners. She will be working to end corruption and abuse in prisons, and if necessary, problematic facilities may be closed. Her stated goal for the federal prison system is to prepare inmates for their return to society after they are released. With this emphasis on humane treatment and rehabilitation, prisoners will hopefully be able to avoid potential harm while they are incarcerated and receive the education and other services needed to ensure that they can succeed in the future.

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