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New Connecticut Law May Increase Penalties for Street Takeovers

 Posted on May 16,2024 in Reckless Driving

Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyerOver the past few years, people in Connecticut have become concerned about “street takeovers,” which involve gatherings by large groups of people on public streets and parking lots that impede traffic, potentially putting others at risk of harm. In an attempt to crack down on these activities, the state’s lawmakers are considering legislation that would increase the penalties that may apply to people who organize, participate in, or even observe street takeovers.

Because of the effects that these cases may have on people who are accused of participating in street takeovers, anyone who has been arrested, charged with a violation, or had a vehicle seized will need to understand their options for defense. An attorney with experience defending clients against motor vehicle offenses can provide effective representation in these situations, helping to limit the fines that may apply, prevent license suspensions or revocations, and recover seized vehicles.

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Can Police Force Suspects to Unlock Their Cell Phones?

 Posted on April 30,2024 in Criminal Law

Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyerDuring encounters with police officers, people will often be uncertain about their rights and the steps they can take to avoid incrimination. Unfortunately, many people are pressured or compelled into allowing searches or seizures of potential evidence, which can affect their ability to defend themselves against criminal charges

One issue that has become more prominent in recent years is whether police may be allowed to access suspects’ cell phones. Because these devices contain a great deal of information that could be pertinent to a criminal case, police will often take steps to force suspects to unlock their phones. While this would seem to be a violation of people’s rights, a recent court ruling may allow these types of searches in some situations. For those who are concerned about potential violations of their rights, an experienced attorney can provide guidance on how to address these issues while defending against a criminal conviction.

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Are Facebook Scams Considered to Be Fraud?

 Posted on April 22,2024 in Fraud

Hartford, CT federal criminal defense attorneyOver the past several years, the number of people who have been affected by online scams has grown considerably. These scams may take a number of forms, but they have become especially prevalent on Facebook and other social media platforms.

People who use these platforms, including many elderly people who may not be technologically sophisticated, are often fooled by deceptive ads, accounts that impersonate well-known figures, and false claims. The authorities are working to combat these scams and protect people against fraudsters who are seeking to steal people’s money or commit offenses such as identity theft or other white collar crimes.

At Woolf Law Firm, LLC, our attorney provides representation to people who have been charged with criminal offenses, including those who may face accusations of involvement in social media scams, identity theft, or money laundering. With our understanding of the state and federal laws that apply in these situations, we can help determine the best ways to respond to investigations by law enforcement and criminal charges in state or federal courts.

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How Reverse Searches Can Be Used by Police to Obtain Evidence

 Posted on April 17,2024 in Criminal Defense

Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyerIn recent years, people have become more aware of how much digital information about them is being tracked. Due to the constant use of smartphones, data about the locations people visit is tracked and saved. Other activities are tracked as well, such as the online searches people make, the apps they use, and the videos they watch on YouTube or other platforms. In criminal cases, police are using very broad search warrants to access this information, but the legality of these practices has been called into question.

Because of the role that data plays in so many criminal cases, it is important to understand how to defend against unlawful searches or other violations of a defendant’s rights. An experienced attorney can help determine the best ways to address these issues and defend against a conviction.

Reverse Searches, Geofencing, and Other Law Enforcement Practices

Traditionally, police officers have used search warrants to target individual people who are suspected of crimes. For instance, they may request search warrants that will allow them to tap a person’s phone, view their bank records, or search their home. However, in recent years, more and more cases have involved “reverse searches” that do not target a single person, but instead seek to access large amounts of data about multiple people in hopes of identifying potential suspects.

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Can Eliminating Pretextual Traffic Stops Promote Justice?

 Posted on April 14,2024 in Criminal Defense

Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyerBeing pulled over by a police officer is never a pleasant experience. While these situations can be an inconvenience for some, they can be dangerous for others, and they could lead to criminal charges beyond the initial offense that served as a reason to perform a traffic stop. Black people and other minorities are more likely to be treated harshly during traffic stops, which can escalate into violence if an officer suspects that a driver or passenger may be armed or likely to do something that could cause the officer to suffer harm. Several states, including Connecticut, are taking action to address this issue by preventing officers from performing what are known as “pretextual” traffic stops.

At Woolf Law Firm, LLC, we understand the ways police officers may violate people’s rights during traffic stops or in other situations, and we are dedicated to helping criminal defendants respond to instances of police misconduct and defend against convictions. Our attorney provides dedicated representation for people who may face accusations of drug charges, DUI, or other offenses after being pulled over by police.

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People Exonerated of Crimes Work Together With Victims to Heal

 Posted on March 28,2024 in Criminal Defense

Hartford, CT criminal defense lawyerOn movies and TV shows that depict crimes and criminal trials, victims are often portrayed as brave people who stand up to their attackers and fight for justice. Unfortunately, in real life, many of these victims are victimized further by a justice system that takes advantage of them, fails to identify the perpetrators of their crimes, and imprisons innocent people. While criminal justice advocates are fighting back against unjust practices by law enforcement and taking steps to exonerate people who did not commit crimes for which they were convicted, some victims are also reaching out to exonerees and working together to heal.

Sadly, there are far too many cases where the wrong people are identified as criminal suspects and falsely convicted. While some of these people have taken steps to prove their innocence, often through DNA evidence, they may lose years or decades of their lives serving prison sentences for crimes they did not commit. This illustrates the importance of working with an experienced attorney during a criminal case to defend against false accusations. A skilled legal advocate can help address unreliable witness testimony and other forms of faulty evidence to help prevent a conviction, and they can fight to ensure that a person’s rights will be protected at all times.

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Have Reforms in Recent Years Reduced Police Misconduct in the U.S.?

 Posted on March 19,2024 in Criminal Law

Blog ImageOver the past decade, the need for police reform has become more and more evident. There have been a large number of high-profile cases in which suspects were killed by police officers who were accused of using excessive force. These include the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, George Floyd, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Tyre Nichols, and many others. While efforts have been made to reform the practices of police departments and hold officers accountable for their actions, the question remains as to whether significant progress has been made.

People who have been the victims of civil rights violations or other forms of misconduct by police officers can sometimes feel like they have no options. Because the justice system is often focused on prosecuting criminals, police officers are usually given the benefit of the doubt. For those who have been falsely accused and charged with criminal offenses after being subject to police violence or other forms of misconduct, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the best approach to take when defending against criminal charges and addressing civil rights violations.

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Elderly People in Connecticut Face Financial Losses Due to Online Scams and Fraud

 Posted on March 14,2024 in Fraud

Blog ImageWhile the internet has brought many benefits to people’s lives, it has also exposed people to risks. Due to the vast amount of information that is collected and made available online, scammers who are looking to exploit people have more tools at their disposal than ever. In recent years, online scams have become more and more common, and in many cases, elderly people are the targets. The FBI and organizations such as AARP have warned people about these scams, and law enforcement officials are doing what they can to protect people and take legal action against scammers.

Due to this increased level of scrutiny, people who engage in online transactions or are involved in transfers of money or assets may be accused of white collar crimes, internet crimes, fraud, or other offenses. In these situations, representation from a skilled criminal defense attorney is crucial. A lawyer with an understanding of the applicable state and federal laws can help determine the best ways to address these charges and defend against a conviction.

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What Should I Do if I Receive a Grand Jury Subpoena in Connecticut?

 Posted on March 07,2024 in Criminal Law

Blog ImagePeople who become involved in the criminal justice system may struggle to understand the procedures that will be followed and the steps they can take to protect their rights. This is especially true in cases involving grand juries, which follow different procedures than judges and juries in criminal trials. If you have received a subpoena from a grand jury asking you to testify or turn over documents, you may be unsure about how to proceed and what you can do to protect yourself against potential criminal charges. An attorney with experience in these matters can provide invaluable guidance and effective legal representation, ensuring that your rights will be protected.

What Is a Grand Jury?

A grand jury is a type of jury that investigates alleged crimes to determine whether a person should be formally charged with a criminal offense. It is larger than a trial jury, and it will typically have between 16 and 23 members. Unlike a trial jury, which determines the guilt or innocence of a defendant, a grand jury examines evidence presented by a prosecutor and decides whether to indict a person with criminal charges and proceed to trial. Grand juries may be involved in both state and federal criminal cases.

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New Federal Sentencing Guidelines May Affect Minority Prisoners in Connecticut

 Posted on February 28,2024 in Criminal Law

Blog ImagePeople who are convicted of federal crimes will often face harsh penalties, including lengthy sentences in federal prisons. These sentences are usually determined using the federal sentencing guidelines, which are a set of rules that are used to calculate appropriate sentences based on factors such as the severity of an offense, the offender’s acceptance of responsibility, and any previous convictions or other forms of past misconduct. These guidelines are updated regularly, and when these updates may lead to reductions in sentences, federal prisoners may be able to receive an early release. For those who are navigating issues related to federal prison sentences, an experienced attorney can provide legal help, ensuring that the sentencing guidelines will be applied appropriately.

Potential Sentence Reductions Following Changes to the Sentencing Guidelines

In 2023, the U.S. Sentencing Commission chose to make changes to the sentencing guidelines, and these adjustments may allow for reduced sentences in some cases. The Commission also chose to make the changes retroactive, which may allow some prisoners who are currently serving sentences to be released immediately or before the end of their original sentences. The retroactive guidelines went into effect on February 1, 2024.

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