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teen, Connecticut car accident lawyerSummer can be the most enjoyable time of year—especially if you are a student reveling in the break from studying and exams. Unfortunately, data about car accidents shows us that summer can also be the most dangerous season for young people. In fact, an average of 260 teenagers lose their lives each month of summer due to motor vehicle accidents. This represents a 26 percent increase in fatal accidents as compared with other months of the year. If you are a parent with teenage drivers, there are ways that you can help your children stay safe while driving this summer.

Distracted Driving Is a Serious Issue for Young Drivers

If you are over the age of 30, you probably remember the days before everyone had a cell phone. If someone wanted to make a call while they were driving, they simply waited until they got home to do so. Nowadays, we have the ability to send a text, make a call, or Google a question at literally any time—including behind the wheel. Many younger drivers have lived their entire lives around technology, so disconnecting from their cell phone for even the duration of a drive can prove challenging. Tragically, thousands of teens and adults have died in car accidents caused by distracted driving. Over half of all teen crashes are now thought to be caused by distracted driving. If you have teenaged drivers, make sure you are talking to them about distracted driving and the importance of not using a cell phone while driving.


amusement park, Connecticut personal injury attorneySummertime is just about here, which means that people of all ages will soon be planning trips to amusement parks and water parks. While some prefer the tranquility of a miniature train ride or a relaxing soaking pool, others seek the adrenaline rush that comes from the simulated danger on roller coasters and other thrill rides. Unfortunately, not all of the dangers are simulated, and thousands of people are injured at amusement parks every year.

No Federal Oversight

Forty years ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was responsible for the regulation of mobile carnivals—such as county fairs—and fixed-site amusement parks. During the 1980’s, however, federal lawmakers decided that state and local governments should regulate the fixed-site parks in their respective jurisdiction. Federal regulators still oversee mobile carnivals, but there is no national standard for permanent parks.


spring, Connecticut personal injury attorneyDespite a few major snowstorms—including Winter Storm Stella which virtually shut down the Northeast for a day or so—the 2016-2017 winter was a relatively mild one. While the cold season seemed to retighten its grip a little this month, spring is officially upon us and warmer weather will soon be here. Spring is a season of new beginnings, as trees begin to show signs of green once again and animals reemerge from their winter hideouts. Amidst the optimism of the season, there are also new dangers, especially for drivers, motorcycle riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians who use Connecticut’s roadways.

Roadway Wear and Tear

When the snow flies, we look to road maintenance crews to keep streets and highways safe by using snowplows, salt and sand spreaders, and other tools. These implements—along with effects of ice forming in existing cracks in the asphalt or pavement—can leave gouges, potholes, and debris in travel lanes. A driver who is even mildly distracted could easily hit a pothole, causing him or her to lose control and collide with another vehicle. Leftover sand and gravel are especially dangerous for motorcyclists who may not always see the hazard until it is too late.

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