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If you have been involved in a car accident—whether or not you were injured—you probably know that there is often a great deal of negotiation regarding which insurance company will be paying and how much. In many cases, there are … Continue reading

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Despite a few major snowstorms—including Winter Storm Stella which virtually shut down the Northeast for a day or so—the 2016-2017 winter was a relatively mild one. While the cold season seemed to retighten its grip a little this month, spring … Continue reading

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Mobile cellular technology is absolutely amazing. Evolving from battlefield radio communication devices used during World War II, the first consumer cell phone hit the global market in 1983. Produced by Motorola, the first cellular phone was bulky, expensive, and would … Continue reading

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Winter in the northeast United States is generally characterized by sub-freezing temperatures and seasonal snowfall best measured in feet. Travel, of course, can be become very dangerous, and weather-related auto accidents are extremely common. Slip and fall accidents usually increase … Continue reading

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