Getting the Medical Care You Need Following an Accident

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Personal Injury

medical care, Hartford car accident lawyerThe moments after a serious car accident or truck crash can be chaotic and overwhelming. Your heart is racing, you are likely a bit disoriented, and, in many cases, your vehicle is severely damaged and unable to be moved. Of course, there is also the possibility that you have been injured. In more obvious situations, broken bones, intense pain, blood, and other evidence may be proof that you are hurt. In others, however, you may feel no indication of an injury. One of the most important elements of any auto accidents is making sure that you get the medical care you need, even if you are not sure that you have been hurt.

Work With First Responders

Depending on the severity of the accident, local authorities often respond with fire trucks and ambulances, even if there have been no reports of injuries. If emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are on the scene, it is a good idea to submit to a precursory examination. You may not feel like you are hurt, but a trained EMT may be able to identify a possible problem. Based on the symptoms you are showing, the EMT may suggest transporting you to the hospital for further tests and observation. While an EMT is not a doctor, he or she is a professional whose job is to make sure that you get the medical attention you need. If he or she feels that a hospital evaluation is a good idea, complying with the request is probably in your best interest.

Do Not Wait Too Long

If paramedics do not respond to the accident or if you refuse a trip to the hospital, you should still see a doctor with a few days of the accident. The excitement and adrenaline of the accident itself could easily mask the pain of soft-tissue injuries, the symptoms of which often do not show up for a day or two. Other injuries such as whiplash or back pain may also not develop for a little while, and a qualified medical professional can help you know what to look for and how to handle them. Waiting too long, however, could potentially damage your case for recovering damages. As time goes by, it can become more difficult for a doctor to confidently relate your injuries to the accident, opening the door for insurance companies to challenge his or her findings.

Refuse Settlement Offers

Following an accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to close the matter quickly even if your injuries require ongoing treatment. You may be offered a lump sum settlement early in the process that, in many cases, sounds like a large amount of money. The catch, however, is that you will probably be required to sign a release saying that you will not seek further damages, no matter how extensive your injuries turn out to be. Medical treatment gets very expensive very quickly, and the settlement money could easily be gone in a very short time, leaving you to pay for the rest of your care out of your own pocket. Before you agree to any type of settlement, be sure to speak to an experienced attorney and have a full prognosis for your treatment from your doctor.

Call for an Appointment Today

If you have been injured in a car accident, your team of medical professionals can help you in getting the medical attention you need. Likewise, your team of legal professionals can provide assistance in securing the compensation you deserve. Contact an experienced Hartford personal injury attorney today to discuss your case and explore your available options. Call the Woolf Law Firm at 860-290-8690 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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