Domestic Violence Cases in Connecticut May Increase Due to COVID-19

 Posted on December 04,2020 in Domestic Violence

Hartford domestic assault defense lawyerThe coronavirus pandemic has caused people and families throughout the United States to fear for their safety. While steps can be taken to minimize the risks of infection, these measures have led to a variety of other concerns, including increases in the number of reports of domestic violence

The difficulties that families are currently experiencing has led to increased stress in many households, as well as concerns about mental health and substance abuse. Couples who have struggled with relationship issues may have seen these problems become even worse due to being required to remain in close quarters together. Stress about financial problems caused by the loss of a job or difficulties addressing children’s educational needs while they are learning from home may also contribute to the breakdown of relationships between family members. 

These concerns may cause a tense situation to boil over, potentially leading to accusations of domestic assault or abuse. Advocates have reported that in recent months, calls reporting domestic violence have increased by 70%, and shelters for victims are currently at 150% capacity. This trend is expected to increase over the holiday season and during the new year. Those who are facing allegations of domestic violence will want to work with a criminal defense attorney to determine how they can address criminal charges, defend against a conviction, and preserve their family relationships and reputation.

Connecticut Domestic Violence Charges

In many cases, accusations of domestic violence result in charges of assault or threatening. Under Connecticut law, assault involves intentionally causing physical injury to someone else. Third-degree assault is a Class A misdemeanor. In cases involving more serious injuries, charges may be elevated to second-degree assault, which is a Class C or D felony. If a deadly weapon such as a firearm is used, a person may be charged with first-degree assault, a Class B felony. 

Threatening involves intentionally acting in a way that causes a person to fear that they may suffer a serious physical injury. Second-degree threatening is a Class A misdemeanor. Charges may be elevated to first-degree threatening, a Class D felony, if a person allegedly brandished or threatened to use a firearm when committing this type of offense.

Alleged victims of domestic violence may pursue a civil restraining order, or an arrest on domestic violence charges may lead to a criminal protective order being issued. These orders may place a number of restrictions on an alleged offender, including requiring them to move out of their home and prohibiting them from contacting the alleged victim or other family members. Failure to follow these orders may lead to a person being held in contempt of court, or they may face criminal charges for violation of a restraining order or protective order, which is a Class D felony.

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