Cell Phone Car Accident Case Settles for $1.3 Million

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Distracted Driving

cell phone, Hartford personal injury attorneyMobile cellular technology is absolutely amazing. Evolving from battlefield radio communication devices used during World War II, the first consumer cell phone hit the global market in 1983. Produced by Motorola, the first cellular phone was bulky, expensive, and would die after just 30 minutes of talk time. In the three decades since, we have seen tremendous advances in the communications industry, with cell phones now being able to fit comfortably in a pocket and maintain a charge for days at a time. Today, however, cell phones have also become a source of danger, especially when they are used by individuals who are driving a car or truck. While using a hand-held cell phone while driving is illegal in many states, including Connecticut, many drivers cannot put their phones down, contributing to many unnecessary accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Seriously Injured Couple Settles

In late 2016, a New Britain couple agreed to a $1.3 million settlement to close their claim against a man who allegedly caused their injuries by texting while driving. While the man reportedly admitted fault for the March 2014 accident, he refuted the claims that he was texting behind the wheel. The man’s attorney said that cell phone records show that the driver had not been texting for at least 30 minutes prior to the crash. The defendant claimed that his phone rang, and he looked down at it. By the time he looked back up, the man’s lawyer said, it was too late, and he crashed into the couple’s vehicle.

The couple’s attorney maintained that several witnesses saw the man driving erratically in the moments leading up to the accident, “swerving all over the roadway.” The couple originally sought $6 million after the crash which they say changed their lives forever. The wife reportedly suffered serious knee injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, and the husband reported a broken left arm and back injuries, with a probable need for future surgery.

A Texting Technicality?

The mention of cell phone records by the defendant’s attorney was an interesting choice because such records could only show if calls and/or text messages were received. They would not necessarily show if the man was scrolling through Facebook, sending or reading a message on a web-based app, or playing a game like Pokémon Go. Any of these—and many more—are just as dangerous as texting while driving and equally illegal.

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