pedestrian, Hartford personal injury attorneyWhen a person is attempting to cross a busy street, he or she is in a very vulnerable position. Thousands of pounds of steel, rubber, and plastic are flying past, each vehicle capable of inflicting serious injury or death with just a single moment of inattention. In less than a second, the pedestrian’s life can be changed forever, and, in many cases, the results are beyond tragic. Pedestrian safety, however, is not entirely the responsibility of car and truck drivers; when you are walking, it is also up to you to ensure that you are following the rules of the road to help prevent unnecessary injuries and fatalities.

Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks

Downtown and urban areas can be incredibly frustrating for drivers and pedestrians alike. Too often, cars and trucks simply refuse to yield to those who are walking, while far too many pedestrians dart out into traffic. In many cases, neither drivers nor pedestrians really understand the applicable laws and who is supposed to have the right of way.


uninsured driver, pedestrian accident, Connecticut personal injury lawyerAs a responsible adult, you have always made sure to remain in compliance with safety and liability laws especially as they relate your car and driving privileges. You keep your registration current, you wear your seatbelt and require passengers to wear theirs, you never drive under the influence, and you maintain full liability and collision insurance on your vehicle.

When you are behind the wheel, many of these concerns are well within your control. When you are a pedestrian, whether crossing the street or walking for miles, you are at the mercy of the drivers around you. If you are hit by a car as a pedestrian, your avenues for compensation may be rather unclear specifically if the driver is uninsured.

Know Your Options

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