on the job accidents, Hartford personal injury attorneyEvery day across the country, thousands of car accidents occur and thousands of victims are injured as a result. When you are hurt in a car accident caused by another driver, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries from the at-fault party. But, what happens when you are in a car accident while on company time or in a company vehicle? While such situations may become more complicated than “normal” car crashes, if you are injured while driving a company car on the job, you may have additional avenues for collecting the compensation you need to put your life back on track.

Third-Party Lawsuit vs. Workers’ Compensation

The Connecticut workers’ compensation program is designed to provide benefits for employees injured in the course of performing their jobs. In most cases, workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault for their injuries. The workers’ compensation system also prevents most lawsuits filed by injured workers against their employers. Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover medical expenses, lost wages, and vocational retraining for employees who cannot return to their previous jobs.


pre-existing conditions, Hartford personal injury attorneyIf you have ever been in an auto accident, you probably felt the effects of the crash for days or even weeks after the fact. Car accidents, obviously, can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, spine and neck injuries, and head trauma. But what if you had already been diagnosed with a particular condition and your accident made your pre-existing condition worse? Should you be entitled to recover the costs of treating the new version of an old condition? This exact question was recently put before a jury in Middletown Superior Court.

A Summary of Facts

In August of 2014, a man from Old Saybrook, Connecticut, was driving on a road in Cape May County, New Jersey when he came to a stop in a line of traffic. Without warning, his vehicle was struck from behind by another car, throwing him violently forward. The driver of the second vehicle was found to be at fault for the crash, but her bodily injury liability coverage maxed out at $15,000—an amount insufficient to cover the Connecticut man’s injuries.


cell phone, Hartford car accident attorneyDo you use your cell phone while you are driving? If you can honestly answer that question with a firm “no,” you are squarely in the minority of American drivers, a new study suggests. With cellular phones and mobile devices having been a part of our lives for more than two decades, nearly everyone is aware of the dangers they present while behind the wheel. For a variety of reasons, however, we cannot seem to put our devices down and focus on the road.

Disturbing Numbers

According to a study recently conducted by Zendrive, a driving analytics company, U.S. drivers use their phones in some way on 88 percent of the trips they take. Think about that for a moment. These numbers mean that only about one trip in every ten is completed without the driver using his or her cell phone or mobile divorce. Even more telling was the scope of the research; Zendrive analyzed data collected from more than 3 million drivers covering some 5.6 billion miles of driving. The study’s findings suggest that the issue is not limited to a particular demographic or age group—nearly everyone uses their phone while driving.


accidentIn many car accident cases, it is very clear that the victim was injured solely as the result of the accident. Prior to the crash, the person was physically healthy, but following the collision, the individual may have broken bones, head injuries, or a variety of other problems. Sometimes, however, the extent of damage caused by the accident can be rather unclear, especially if the victim suffered from preexisting physical health issues. When this is the case, securing fair compensation may require meticulous research and preparation by an experienced personal injury lawyer as well as medical notes and testimony from doctors or surgeons.

Ashford Woman Involved in Multiple Accidents

In May 2013, a 34-year-old woman from Ashford, Connecticut was seriously hurt when her van was hit from behind by a driver in a company-owned vehicle. According to court records, the woman suffered injuries to her lumbar region, which caused lingering pain to radiate into her legs and feet. She also incurred injuries to her neck, left elbow, and left shoulder, but the focus of her claim was her back. Her condition was ultimately treated with lumbar spinal fusion surgery in June 2015, more than two years after the accident.


notifications, Hartford personal injury attorneyThanks to public awareness campaigns and personal experience, most people are aware of the dangers of texting while driving. Studies show that an estimated one out of every four motor vehicle crashes involves cell phone usage. As many as one in three drivers admit to reading or sending text messages while driving. Using a cell phone while driving, whether conducting a voice call or texting, significantly increases the likelihood of a crash. Most disturbingly, nine Americans die in crashes related to distracted driving every day on average.

These sobering numbers should discourage most drivers from texting or reading texts while on the road. However, a study from Florida State University suggests that there is more to distracted driving than previously thought. The majority of drivers believe that if they put their cell phone away while driving and refrain from answering text messages that they are safe. Although it is commendable to resist the urge to send or read a quick text while driving, the study suggests that just hearing a cell phone notification or feeling the vibration can be just as dangerous.

A Look Inside the Study

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