Auto Repair Shop to Pay $335,000 for Brake Failure on Highway

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney

repair shop, Hartford car accident attorneyIt is a scene that is often portrayed in Hollywood thriller movies: a person is driving at highway speeds when they need to apply the brakes. Instead of the slowing the car, however, the brake pedal sinks to the floor, all but completely useless. For a West Hartford woman, this unlikely scenario became all too real when the brakes in the car she was driving suddenly stopped working, leading to a serious accident.

A Scary Situation

The incident occurred in July of last year on Interstate 84 in West Hartford. The woman had just picked up her daughter’s 1964 Chrysler New Yorker at a repair shop in Clinton. On that particular day, the repair shop fixed a flat tire on the classic car. The same shop had serviced the New Yorker on at least 10 separate occasions in the 15 months leading up to that day.

After fixing the flat, the repair shop released the car to the woman, representing that it was safe to drive and in sound mechanical condition. In reality, however, there was a leak in the left rear brake assembly. The problem became evident when the woman tried to slow the car to exit the interstate. The Chrysler struck another vehicle, crashed into a guardrail, and went over an embankment. The driver reportedly suffered several serious including fractured ribs and concussion. She remained in the hospital for four days followed by more than three weeks in a rehabilitation center, her lawyer indicated.

Through her attorney, the victim filed a lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court against the repair shop. The suit alleged negligence by the shop for failing to identify and warn her about the brake problem.

After a series of negotiations, the insurance company for the repair shop agreed to pay $335,000 in a settlement. According to reports, the settlement came as a surprise to the shop owner. He maintained that his shop was not negligent and that the age of the vehicle was the primary factor in the unfortunate incident.

Repair Shop Liability

This case highlights the importance of conducting a full investigation after a car accident. The liable party may not always be immediately obvious, as liability can extend well beyond the drivers on the road.

When you are injured in an accident, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible afterward. A skilled attorney will help you identify any and all parties whose actions or negligence may have contributed to the accident, including auto repair shops and manufacturers of defective auto parts. While the other driver may have been at fault for the accident as far as the police or insurance companies are concerned, you may be able to collect compensation from other sources as well.

We Can Help

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