Can the Use of Artificial Intelligence Lead to Criminal Charges in Connecticut?

 Posted on February 22,2024 in Criminal Law

Blog ImageArtificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that is currently on many people’s minds. ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have allowed people to generate everything from college essays to legal briefs, and there have been complaints about plagiarism and inaccurate information in machine-written text. AI has also been used to generate images and videos that may sometimes be passed off as actual photographs or video footage. While some have viewed this technology as a novelty, others have raised concerns about how it may be used for criminal purposes.

While AI has many uses, the attention it has received from lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and government regulators could potentially lead to criminal charges in some situations. Due to recent developments in this field, law enforcement officials may be on the lookout for potentially illegal uses of AI, and they may investigate and prosecute people who are suspected of violating state or federal laws. An attorney who understands the laws that apply in these situations can provide representation for people who may face criminal charges related to the use of AI or other technologies.

Child Pornography Charges Related to AI-Generated Images and Videos

Offenses involving the possession or distribution of child pornography are some of the most serious crimes against children that are investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement. Child pornography may consist of images or videos of minors engaging in sexual acts, people committing sexual abuse against children, or other materials that are considered to be provocative and used for the purposes of sexual arousal. An emerging trend involves the use of AI to generate simulated images of child pornography. While some alleged offenders may believe that computer-generated images would not be considered child pornography, the increased level of scrutiny of these materials may lead to criminal prosecutions for those who possess or distribute these types of images or videos.

Lawmakers, law enforcement officials, government regulators, and child safety advocates have noted that AI-generated child pornography may come in many forms. It may involve photos or videos of children that have been manipulated to depict a child engaging in sexual conduct. For example, class photos, yearbook photos, or photos posted online may be altered to depict nudity. Even if AI is used to generate “original” images or videos that are not based on actual people, these programs may have been trained using publicly available photos or videos

AI-generated child sexual abuse material (CSAM) may be based on other forms of child pornography, and because it resembles the abuse of actual children, it can endanger children and families. Due to these concerns, people who are found in possession of AI-generated child pornography may face serious criminal charges. These offenses may be prosecuted at the state level, but if images or videos were generated using online technology or shared with others over the internet, federal charges may apply.

Regulations Addressing AI Robocalls

Another use of AI that has gained attention recently involves automated calls using computer-generated voices. One prominent example involved calls made to people in New Hampshire that mimicked the voice of President Joe Biden and encouraged them not to vote in the state’s primary election.

While the United States has laws in place that restrict automated calls that use prerecorded messages, new regulations have been implemented that specifically address voices generated using AI technology. People, companies, or organizations that make these types of calls can face large fines, with a maximum fine of $23,000 per call. Consumers who have received these calls may also take legal action, and the regulations allow a person to recover up to $1,500 in damages for each call they have received.

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