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At Woolf Law Firm, LLC, we operate on a very simple philosophy. We are committed to providing our clients with tenacious, responsible representation in matters of personal injury and criminal defense. Our team understands that while it is important to have a good lawyer, excellent legal "counsel" is invaluable. For more than 20 years, our attorneys have been protecting the rights of clients in Waterbury and throughout New Haven County. Whether you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or arrested on charges of shoplifting, we can provide the representation you need and the customized, personal attention you deserve.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Waterbury CT

When you have been arrested on criminal charges, you have constitutional rights that must be protected. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will take the time to evaluate all of the evidence against you to reveal possible errors in procedures and ways in which your rights may have been compromised. With our investigative abilities, we will work to build a defense against federal and state charges related to:

New Haven County Personal Injury Lawyers

Woolf Law Firm, LLC is also equipped to seek justice for those who have been injured or killed in an accident caused by the actions or negligence of another party. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience in proving liability in the most complex cases. Contact our office today for assistance with matters related to:

In many personal injury cases, the most difficult element is determining fault for the victim's injuries. At our firm, we work closely with industry-leading experts such as accident scene reconstructionists who can examine the available evidence and determine which party or parties are to blame. We are also not afraid to stand up to insurance companies looking to minimize their exposure by offering substandard settlements. Our attorneys will continue to advocate on your behalf at the negotiating table and in the courtroom until you receive the full compensation you need to put your life back on track.

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If you are in need of aggressive, dependable legal representation in New Haven County, contact our office. Call 860-290-8690 and schedule your free initial consultation at Woolf Law Firm, LLC today. Let us handle your catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. Se habla español.

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