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black box, Connecticut personal injury lawyerThe moments after an auto accident can be extremely important in determining which driver’s insurance company should be paying for the resulting damages or injuries. In most cases, each driver provides a reasonably accurate account of what happened to the responding police officer, and the officer uses that information to file an accident report. Sometimes, however, the information provided by one or both drivers conflicts with the physical evidence or other individuals’ accounts of the accident. When this happens, crash investigators may need to find other ways to figure out exactly who was responsible.

Event Data Recorders

You are probably aware that commercial airplanes are generally equipped with an electronic device that records flight data and other important details that could be important when a crash or an unexpected mechanical failure occurs. Commonly known as a “black box”—despite being bright orange so that it can be found more easily at a crash site—the device is actually called an “event data recorder” or EDR.


EDR, Hartford personal injury attorneyYour car is an amazing machine. The modern passenger vehicle is the product of years of technological innovation and advanced research in aerodynamics, materials science, and computers. In the last decade or so, the automotive industry has borrowed heavily from the air travel sector as it continues its quest for driver and passenger safety. That is why almost every new car sold in the United States today is equipped with an event data recorder, or EDR, meaning that it is now possible for investigators to find out what was happening with the vehicle at a particular moment in time, including in the seconds leading up to a serious car accident.

Recording Important Information

In your vehicle, there are dozens—if not hundreds—of sensors and computers that are constantly measuring various functions and elements of the car’s performance. Some analyze fuel consumption, engine temperature, oil pressure, and speed, of course, but others also keep track of anti-lock brake performance, cruise control, and the status of your car’s airbags. The EDR compiles all of the data from each of the sensors and system storing it for future use, should it ever be needed.

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